The washroom as a "business card"

The new toilet accessories from Wagner-EWAR

When designing high-quality office and administration buildings, special attention is paid to the external facades as well as the reception and work areas. Another “business card” that is becoming increasingly important is the quality of the washrooms, both for employees and for visitors. The new toilet accessories of the Wagner EWAR A line are a suitable solution for the diverse requirements such as design, function, hygiene and sustainability.

The basis of the new development was the use of stainless steel. This initially met the requirements for hygiene and durability. The aspects of design and function were taken into account with an external product designer and with the participation of numerous (interior) architects.

The result was a series of four accessories in an independent design language with a pearl-blasted surface. The high quality of the accessories is particularly evident through the use of 6 or 3mm thick stainless steel. To be on the safe side, the components are provided with radii on all sides. The assembly is concealed and theft-resistant with locking screws. The corrosion-free fastening material is included.

The design is particularly clear through the toilet roll holder AC 750:
A square base plate made of solid 3mm stainless steel and a bracket made of 6mm stainless steel.

The toilet brush set AC 761 follows the basic design and also has a removable brush cup with an internal stop bolt, which ensures the optimal position of the brush head, which can also be individually changed.

In addition, the single hook AC 715 and the reserve roll holder AC 722 round off the line.

All items are available for immediate delivery.

Contemporary hygiene concepts

Disinfectant dispensers have long been part of everyday life - and in all probability will remain so. As standing, table or wall models, the EWAR disinfectant dispensers made of stainless steel can be stylishly and unobtrusively integrated in reception areas or in front of conference and meeting rooms for your objects.

Equipping public buildings, office complexes, hotels and restaurants or retail with hygiene stations is already part of the conception and planning of such facilities. Disinfectant dispensers are often born out of necessity and are often placed unattractively in the room and disrupt the overall picture. As part of the integral planning, but also for retrofitting, EWAR disinfectant dispensers offer an elegant, high-quality and functional alternative for your objects.

EWAR hygiene stations consist of sensor disinfectant dispensers and a floor column made of robust, easy-care stainless steel. Commercially available hand disinfectant is simply filled into the 950 ml tank. Activated via the sensor, the disinfectant is dispensed without contact via the integrated pump. The fill level can be easily seen through the viewing slot on the outside. With EWAR hygiene stations you not only offer a functional, but also an elegant way of hand disinfection for your customers.

EWAR disinfectant dispensers are available in two different designs. The hygiene stations for free-standing installation are offered in the A-line with 2 columns and a fully welded housing and in the P-line with vertically rounded profiles (see also below). The stainless steel surface is polished to a matt finish and brushed. With colored plastic powder coatings, the columns can even be individually adapted to the prevailing color concept.

In terms of handling and, above all, maintenance, EWAR disinfectant dispensers are among the most intelligent solutions on the market. All wear parts are modular and can be exchanged without tools. This ensures a long service life and, above all, easy maintenance. Your customers will appreciate that.

EWAR disinfectant dispensers are offered in addition to the column variants as table or wall models in different designs. The EWAR team will be happy to support you with your tender or project planning.

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